Product Update: Q1 2018

Product Update: Q1 2018

Goodbye winter; hello spring! As we shift from the cold, snowy season to warmer, vibrant days, it’s time for our first quarterly product update post of 2018. We’ve got a fresh collection of updates, so let’s jump right in!

What’s new in Q1 2018?

  • US users can now sell bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash addresses get a new look
  • Importing ether from MyEtherWallet and Mist is live
  • Bitcoin Cash is fully supported on Android
  • iOS users can now exchange ETH BTC->

Selling bitcoin available in the US

Product Update: Q1 2018
Thanks to our partnership with SFOX, users in 22 states can now conveniently sell bitcoin within their wallet without compromising security or control. Stay tuned as we expand on this US integration to include buying bitcoin, as well as buying and selling other assets like ether and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash address format change

Prior to this update, Bitcoin Cash and bitcoin addresses shared the same format. This inevitably led to confusion for users, especially those who transacted with both currencies. Thankfully, Bitcoin Cash developers released an updated address format to give Bitcoin Cash addresses a new look without having any effect on underlying public and private keys. Going forward, we encourage users to use the new address format when sending and receiving.

Importing existing ether from Mist and MyEtherWallet

Product Update: Q1 2018

Building upon our ether functionality, users can now import existing ether from Mist and MyEtherWallet. When logged in to your Blockchain wallet, visit Settings > General > Import Funds from MyEtherWallet. All you’ll need is your Mist or MyEtherWallet passphrase and Keystore file. ERC 20 tokens are not currently supported, but can still be accessed via other services.

Exchange BTC <-> ETH on iOS

A second key update on mobile for Q1, iOS users can now easily exchange between BTC and ETH. Previously released to web and Android users, iOS users are now able to access the same user-friendly exchange experience.

Bitcoin Cash joins our Android family of currencies

Product Update: Q1 2018

Bitcoin Cash has joined our lineup of digital currencies available to Android users. From the central dashboard, users can easily toggle between currencies to seamlessly transact and safely manage balances, all while keeping an eye on market prices.

If you’d like to help us build the future of finance, check out our open positions here. All our earlier product updates can be found here.

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