Support Monthly Update – May 2018

Thanks for joining us for our monthly support team update! In this series, we shed light on trending user concerns, questions, and feedback. May’s big topics include a resolved bug follow-up, questions about buying and selling, and the 1-800 number phishing scam. Let’s get started!

Error De-Serializing Token

Earlier this month, a portion of users were unable to log into their wallets because authorization links in our emails were being double encoded by certain web-based email providers. Instead of being able to proceed with the wallet login process, users would be prompted with a message saying “error de-serializing token”. Thankfully, we were able to make adjustments on our end to allow the link’s data to be decoded by email providers multiple times, if needed. A big thank you to all users who sent us screenshots and details needed to help us diagnose and resolve this issue.

Buying and Selling

Our exchange integration for users in India was disabled, as of May 6th, to undergo necessary maintenance. Understandably so, this change prompted some questions and confusion so we wanted to give you an update. As of now, the functionality remains in maintenance mode but we are working to restore it as soon as possible. We’ll bring you a fresh update as soon as it’s available.

European users can once again place recurring orders. This feature was removed back in January so we could provide updates based on user feedback reporting that a recurring order was unknowingly set up when they intended to place a one-time order. We’ve made improvements to avoid unintentionally setting up recurring orders; be sure “Make this a recurring order” is not checked when placing a buy order. If you accidentally set up a recurring order, you can cancel it by navigating to Buy Bitcoin -> Order History, choosing the order listed under Recurring Orders, and clicking Cancel Recurring Order.

The Latest in Phishing Scams

A claim has been making the rounds that Blockchain has a 1-800 number for support, or that a third party company is handling telephone support on our behalf. We want to clarify that these claims are false. We have never provided any telephone support in-house or through a third party.

If we decide to offer telephone support, we’ll be sure to let you know on our social media channels and through our Support Center. It’s always important to cross-reference any claim like this with our official support page, or by asking us directly.

If you have any questions about this update or a specific topic you’d like us to cover, send us your feedback here. You can also get in touch with us @AskBlockchain.

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