The Guide To Drafting The Golden Ticket

At Blockchain, we don’t want you getting left in the dust. Our goal is to provide you with resources that explain all the inner and outer workings of your wallet, while also delivering a seamless virtual experience. To bring us closer to that goal, we want to share some “best practices” to submitting a new support ticket in hopes of optimizing the troubleshooting process. In sharing these tips, we hope to reduce the amount of time you spend frustrated or skeptical— so you can spend more time planning your trip to the moon.

1. Read through our Support Center articles

The learning curve in this industry is real, folks. We try to keep our Support Center content thorough and up-to-date in order to diminish the time you have to spend searching for answers. A lot of our posts come straight from your fingertips to ours, as we often take questions and concerns straight from the tickets that you are submitting. That being said, if there is something you find to not be sufficiently described or represented, feel free to bring that to our attention or by submitting a support ticket.

2. The devil is in the details

Make sure you include all potentially relevant information in your first ticket so we can decrease our back-and-forth and get you closer to an ideal wallet experience even faster. Depending on the issue, helpful information to send us can include:

  • Transaction hash (found in your transaction details and on,, or blockchair)
  • Any addresses involved in the transaction
  • Time of the transaction
  • Order ID (if it’s a buy, sell, or exchange trade, found in your Order History)
  • Screenshots of the error or inconsistency you’re seeing (by holding command+shift+3 on mac, or ctrl + prnt scrn on PC)
  • A photo of the cutest kitten you can find

Okay, we’re joking (kind of) on that last one. But including the rest of this information when relevant gives us a swift head start on addressing your issue, whether it means clarifying how an aspect of our wallet works, or fixing a bug on our platform.

3. Send Screenshots in the proper format

JPEG and PNG are the only types of files we are permitted to open. Remembering to send in these formats is just one other way we can keep the gap between question + answer as small as possible.

4. Keep in mind, Blockchain does not have the ability to:

  • Access your wallet
  • Change or provide your private key
  • Change or provide your password
  • Reverse, cancel, or refund transactions
  • Freeze or suspend wallets

This is, in part, why we stress the importance of storing your backup phrase in a safe place offline and remind you to never give out any of your wallet information.

A refresher: Giving someone your 12 word backup phrase is like giving someone the key to your house. All the contents of your wallet will be exposed and potentially compromised by the person with access. Make sure to keep this string of words in a secure place offline. Please practice safe browsing, regularly update your operating system, and do not access your wallet on public WiFi. To learn more about how the Blockchain wallet works, spend some time here.

5. One ticket is all it takes

We know how frustrating an issue with your funds can be, and we want to help you alleviate that issue as soon as possible. Submitting multiple tickets on the same issue can delay our response because we need to search for and compile those tickets first. Additionally, this may cause your inquiry to be filtered as spam. Your inquiry is important to us and we will work diligently to tackle any outstanding problems as soon as possible.

6. Follow us on social media

We update our social media with relevant news, outages, and known issues our users are experiencing. To stay up to date, follow our main social media channels on Twitter and Facebook, and follow @AskBlockchain for support-related updates and information.

When it comes to opening a support ticket, the only official way to reach us is by submitting a ticket here. Any phone number, WhatsApp group, Facebook or Twitter user asking for information most likely does not have your best interest in mind.

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